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CBS opened a new chapter in radio programming in Uganda by departing from what was regarded as popular radio where all fm radio stations were an emulation of American and European music radio formats. CBS started on the unbeaten track seeking to be relevant to its audience identity and adopted the local format with most programs being broadcast in a range of local languages with Luganda using up most airtime on 88.8 fm while 89.2 fm enjoys a blend of other languages including English.

Primarily edutainment stations focusing on delivery of educative information, CBS programming recognizes and emphasizes traditional and cultural values as vital pillars and catalysts in development. Music and programs are therefore specifically packaged to reflect the desires and aspirations of the stations target audience.

Because of the unique nature of CBS’s product, it attracts all categories of listeners with 88.8 fm skewed towards adults, in the ABC & D classes all of whom understand and cherish their local culture & 89.2 FM addressing the more youthful audience who live the central Uganda culture. CBS listeners therefore range from top policy makers, the government technocrats, the middle class as well as the locals of all walks of life.

As such CBS has come to be popularly known as “Radio Yaffe” which inferences mean “Our radio station” or “the peoples’ own radio” respectively.

CBS Fan's Club


CBS radio is the leading electronic media house in Uganda with over 10 million active listeners every day.  Due to CBS social, economic and cultural influence, some of CBS listeners   organized the selves into form an organized social group to champion the radio’s cause.

The fans or loyalists of Central Broadcasting Service Ltd (CBS FM) are the primary consumers of CBS FM’s on air product and other projects. They decided to form a club through which they would get a chance to interact with people of similar interests hence the creation of CBS Fans Club on the 19th July 1997 exactly one year since the official opening of their beloved Central broadcasting Service (CBS FM). They started as a Kampala Listeners Club but after sometime its demand increased and so the club spread its wings to cover other districts in the country where the Radio was broadcasting.

The districts   include Wakiso, Mukono, Jinja, Masaka, Mityana, Kalangala, Luweero, Nakasongola, Rakai and many others. They have branches with functioning executives of 3,456 memberships in the counties of Buganda Kingdom: Kyaddondo, Busiro, Mawokota, Buluuli, Bulemeezi, Butambala, Buvuma, Ssingo, Kyaggwe, Kooki, Buddu and Kabula.

The memberships of the CBS Fans Club have grown from the initial 80 to 20,000 as of 2011.

 Objectives of CBS Fans Club:

  • To advocate and crate a spirit of brotherhood among the members and all listeners of CBS FM.
  • To support the Objectives of CBS FM and also participate where necessary as would be directed by the Radio’s management.
  • To create a good working relationship between all listeners, moderators and staff of CBS FM.
  • To create a net work of friends who can help fellow fans improve their standard of living for a better life by raising money to support their small income generating activities.
  • To uplift the living conditions of the members through programs aimed at poverty eradication e.g. Micro Finance projects where members can borrow money to invest in their small enterprises.
  • To promote cultural programs broadcast on CBS FM so that our cultural norms and traditions are preserved for future generations.
  • To mobilize and always encourage fans to be more creative so as to start developmental projects for poverty eradication purposes and increase of family net incomes for good living.


  • It has been able to grow into a huge club with massive numbers. It is the biggest fan base compared to any other Radio Station.
  • CBS FM has given to the clubs cows and chickens and money towards their development projects to help eradicate poverty.
  • The fans club members have joined the radio as very vital employees and also been able to join political offices in the country.
  • Over 20 main branches have been inaugurated with hundreds of smaller units all over the region the radio covers.
  • Most members have attended the club’s workshop organized to disseminate knowledge about self development and poverty eradication.
  • Under the club, other units have been created depending on the program that interest different people E.g. Mambo Bado, Nekolera Gyange, Akezimbira etc.
  • Projects like:poutry farming,micro financing and social security systems”Munno Mukabbi” have been created in districts like Kampala, Jinja, Masaka, Mpigi , Kayunga etc.
  • Community Policing lessons have been given to several members and certificates have been awarded by Old Kampala Police to that effect.

The club has hope of creating more CBS Fans Club Branches, enlarge existing projects and create new ones, and get involved always in CBS FM’s projects and programs whenever they may be called upon.


CBS covers central Uganda (with 80% of Uganda’s disposal income) eastern Uganda and portions of western Uganda and enjoys the highest audience ratings in central and southern Uganda (see latest statistics). CBS’s total area of coverage avails the station an audience of approximately ten million people and 90% of Uganda’s disposable income.

Our transmitters at 126 meters in Buziga hill allows us to reach territories within over 30 districts.

Audience Size and Characteristics

It is estimated that CBS commands an audience of over 3.5 million loyal listeners, given the scope of the stations coverage (see table below) and the fact that Uganda’s population is concentrated in Buganda (appx. 6 million people).

The audience patterns vary with the time of the day, with the highest being experienced on weekday mornings as well as Sunday evenings when the Kabaka (King) addresses his intensely loyal subjects (this program Agafa E’Mengo) which translated means Kabaka’s address from the seat of parliament is widely followed especially by Baganda not only within, but also those living, visiting and/or working abroad through our website;

Districts Covered By CBS































  • * - Areas where CBS is received in the mornings and evenings only

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Central broadcasting service (CBS) also known as radio Buganda Broadcasting on 88.8 fm and 89.2 FM is the largest private commercial fm radio station


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